Our App is in the alpha stage, the beta is coming soon.

Expense tracking and forecasting

Costs to Expect

This app is going away soon, checkout the API to see the new versions of all our apps.

What is it?

Costs to Expect is a service focused on tracking and forecasting expenses, our goal is to simplify your budgeting.

There are many products within the Costs to Expect service; the Open Source RESTful API, this App, our two budgting Apps and our Open Source website showing the costs to raise our children to adulthood.

Our API is the backbone of the service, everything depends upon it. Our API is available to anyone who wants to use it. Our focus is expenses however the API is being developed in such a way as to allow us to expand our features as our service matures.

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Our Products

There are multiple products within the Costs to Expect service; below is a short overview if each of our products.

This App

This App ended up being the version one for the rest of our Apps, we learned a lot and it will be going aware eventually.


Our Open Source REST API, available under the MIT license, the API drives the entire Costs to Expect service.

Our free budgeting App

Our free and open source Budgeting API, available under the MIT license, budgeting so simply your child could do it.

Our budgeting App

Budget Pro is our upgraded budgeting App. It is currently in alpha and due to enter the beta period soon, check it out for free.

Our Website

Our website is a long-term social project. My wife and I are tracking all the expenses to raise our child to adulthood.

Our Blog

Our blog acts as a central repository to list all updates, explains why we are doing what we are and acts as a place for us to talk about our products and the service.

API requests

Our App relies on the Costs to Expect API. The API is Open Source, in keeping with that, we show how we use the API.

The requests table details the GET and OPTIONS requests that were made to the API, the responses from those requests is what was used to generate this page.

Your Bearer was included with each of the API requests; the response from each request is personal to you.

Other than ensuring the Costs to Expect API is up and running we haven't needed to reach out to the API to generate this page.