Our App is in the alpha stage, the beta is coming soon.

Our future development plans

Our roadmap


We have ambitious plans for 2020 and beyond, our roadmap details our initial goals and our development phases.

Our roadmap will be updated regularly; our roadmap is accurate as of the 6th July 2020.

We are going to have two development phases broadly defined as a private alpha and public alpha.

The private alpha will be limited to Mrs Costs to Expect and select users; we'll be developing the foundations for our App. All users will be free to ask other people into the alpha.

The public alpha revolves around enhancing the App; with our core idea in place, we want to extend the App to try and support businesses and users with much more complex requirements.

The public alpha was due to begin in May; recent progress has been much better than expected, so, we are going to implement many more features than initially planned and delay the launch of the public alpha. Releasing later will allow us to present a more compelling product to the initial wave of users.

Private alpha

On the eve of the public alpha, the core features of the App will be as follows;

  • We are aiming to support multiple forecasting and tracking item types.
  • An overview dashboard customised to each different 'item-type'.
  • Full resource type management, there will also be an extensive dashboard specific to the resource type.
  • Full resource management, there will also be an extensive dashboard specific to the resource.
  • Item management, create, edit, delete, transfer, partially transfer, copy etc.
  • Category and subcategory grouping for 'item-types'.
  • We will include privacy and visibility options to allow you to control who can see your data.

Our development will not be limited to the App; we will also be improving the Costs to Expect API, we want to add features and finish some of the stuff we never got around to during the initial development.

  • The API includes caching; we need to update our App to work with the conditional caching the API uses (Etags).
  • We want to add additional filtering options to all collections in the API.
  • We need to extend our user management as well as expose and enhance the permitted user subsystem.
  • We want to add niceties to the API to enable additional features in the App, autocomplete and presets to name just two.

Public alpha

During the public alpha, we will enhance our forecasting tools as well as extend the API and App to support additional personalisation and customisation. How much of this happens before we attach the 'beta' and 'live' labels is up for grabs. We will only assign the beta and live label to the App when we feel it has reached our standards.

  • We want to enhance our forecasting system and support multiple accounts, multiple users, and increased collaboration.
  • We want to support additional languages and relevant currencies.
  • We want to support multiple currencies within a single forecast.
  • We want to extend our 'permitted users' subsystem to allow more fine-grained permissions.
  • We want to work towards custom 'item-types' so users can design their items.
  • The list goes on.

As we enter new phases, we will publish blog posts detailing the specific goals for each development phase, the roadmap above is a high-level plan and subject to change.

API Requests

Our App uses the Costs to Expect API. Our API is Open Source, in keeping with that we will be as open as possible.

The table below shows the majority of the GET and OPTIONS requests we made to the API, the page was generated from the responses.

Your Bearer was included with each of the API requests; the response from each request is personal to you.

Other than ensuring the Costs to Expect API is up and running we haven't needed to reach out to the API to generate this page.