Our App is in the alpha stage, the beta is coming soon.

Our future development plans

Our roadmap


We have ambitious plans for 2020 and beyond, our roadmap details some of the more significant updates we have planned for the Costs to Expect App. The Costs to Expect App is powered by the Costs to Expect API so we will detail plans for the API as well.

Our roadmap will be updated regularly; it is accurate as of the 19th January 2020.

Short term

When we say short term, we are talking about 2020; our long term road map covers the end of 2020 and beyond.

The Private alpha

The private alpha was released on the 30th January 2020. The alpha audience is limited to Mrs Costs to Expect; the alpha is an extensive update to a private app that we have been using for the last 18 months.

We expect the private alpha to last until April; we will then open it up to additional users. If you are interested in being in the public alpha, please reach out via Twitter/email.

On release we expect the core features to be as below;

  • Overview dashboard showing all resource types.
  • A resource type dashboard.
  • A resource dashboard.
  • Multiple expense type support, allocated expense and simple expense.
  • Category and subcategory management.
  • Resource type management.
  • Resource management.
  • Expense management.
  • Privacy and visibility controls via permitted user and private/public management.

The Public alpha

Once we enter the public alpha phase, we will start developing the forecasting system. The public alpha is due to begin in April, hopefully, sooner.


The public alpha requires several significant updates to the Costs to Expect API.

  • We need to add support for the forecasting expense data types.
  • We need to add support for partial expense transfers.
  • We need to add a meta route for resource types to enable personalisation within the app.
  • We need to extend the permitted user system.
  • We need to develop helper routes to allow improved UX within the app, for example, autocomplete.
  • We want to allow public resource types to be excluded from requests.
  • We need to add support for multiple currencies.
  • We need to work towards localising the app.
  • We need to add extended filtering options for collections, for example, ranges.

The App

For the public alpha, we are focusing on the budgeting and forecasting system.

  • We need to develop the forecasting system; in addition to tracking expenses, the app will now provide the ability to create forecasts and budgets.
  • We need to add personalisation options; users will be able to tailor their resource types to their specific needs.
  • We want to add additional charts and tables.

Long term

The roadmap above covers the majority of 2020; our goal is to have the beta ready before the end of the year, from then we can concentrate on our long term goals.

Below are some highlights for the API and the App.


  • The expense data type needs to be configurable and not limited to the types we support.
  • We want to work towards adding support for "inflation-adjusted" summaries.
  • We want to add support for expense media.

The App

  • We want to extend the budgeting and forecasting system dramatically. We will include support for multiple account types, additional options for reoccurring expenses and other tools to make the system more suitable to Businesses.
  • We want to add subscription options to allow us to provide more features to our heaviest users.
  • We want to increase personalisation, including white-label versions of the App.

API Requests

Our App uses the Costs to Expect API, the Costs to Expect API is Open Source, in keeping with that we will be as open as possible.

The table below shows the majority of the GET and OPTIONS requests we made to the API. This page was generated using the responses from the listed API calls.

Your Bearer was included with each of the API requests, the response from each request is personal to you.

Other than ensuring the Costs to Expect API is up and running we haven't needed to reach out to the API to generate this page.